1987 to 2000



Establishment of Masterflex Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Herten with a staff of 3; production area 400 m²



Expansion of production area in Herten to 1.600 m². 

Masterflex has 1,200 customers.


Development of new process technology and equipment for the processing of high-temperature polymers and high-tech industrial fabrics; start of production 

 Establishment of a subsidiary Novoplast Schlauchtechnik GmbH in Halberstadt. Objective: Production of sliding hoses of special polymers for use in medical applications, among other.



 Establishment of a subsidiary Masterflex S.A.R.L. in Lyon, France 


 Establishment of a coating division in Herten (new type of lining for wear-resistant PU hoses)



Development of a polymer formulation (world novelty) for the production among other of hard-to-ignite and officially approved PU hoses to replace PVC hoses for the first time.


 Establishment of a new plant in Gelsenkirchen with a total production/administrative/warehouse area of 7.300 m².



 Due to rapid expansion, the production area in Gelsenkirchen is increased once more.


Construction of a new plant in Lyon, France


 Establishment of Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd. in Great Britain


 Development of a new type of process for the lining of steel pipes with highly abrasion-resistant polyurethane.


Development by the Novoplast Schlauchtechnik subsidiary of a new type of braking hose for lorries Product approved by [German technical inspection agency] TÜV in 1999. 

Only supplier in the world of the Combiflex connection system made of polyurethane

Development of a new type of pipe bend with plastic lining (international patents) 

Purchase of Flexmaster USA, of Houston, doubling of production area


Purchase of Techno GmbH, Bochum 

Takeover of 51% of shares in Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH, of Friedeburg 

Masterflex Kunststofftechnik GmbH becomes Masterflex AG. Members of the Executive Board are Detlef Herzog (CEO) and Hiltrud Mütherich (CFO). 


16 June, Going Public of Masterflex AG in Frankfurt (SMAX/Amtlicher Handel) 

Masterflex starts production of High-Tech-Hose-Systems in the USA 

Novoplast Schlauchtechnik GmbH celebrates 10th anniversary and inauguration of a new clean room production hall. 

18 September, Masterflex AG is in the index S-DAX of the 100 biggest enterprises of the SMAX. 

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