Single/Multi-Layered Spiral Hoses made from Vulcanised Fabric Strips

This construction design encompasses the hose types Master-NEO 1, Master-NEO 2, Master-SIL 1, Master-SIL 2, Master-SIL HD-Food and Master-SIL SD-Food.


Vulcanised fabric strips wound with overlaps onto an inner, free-floating or embedded helix made from spring steel wire and an additional external fibreglass fixation for the hose types NEO 1/2 and SIL 1/2.


Variable production options for spiral hoses made from a wide range of materials including strips of film, foil or fabric.

  • smooth inner lining
  • flexible
  • small bending radii
  • good pressure-resistance
  • production diameters available from DN 13 - DN 305
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