Masterflex Group continues on course towards industry 4.0

AMPIUS®-App: Read data via Smartphone

Just in time for the start of series production of AMPIUS® hose systems with integrated Life-Cycle-Tracking functions, the AMPIUS®-App goes online. 

With an NFC-enabled mobile device and the corresponding software, product information can then be read out digitally via the product signature. The scope of available information is to be significantly expanded in the future.

Under the name AMPIUS® , Masterflex Group has developed hose systems that are equipped with a digital interface as standard. It was the first hose manufacturer to present a complete operator system consisting of hose, sensors, engineering and data processing. 

The Masterflex Group is thus systematically continuing its course towards Industry 4.0. Because such intelligent components with life-cycle tracking functions play an increasingly important role in modern predictive maintenance or conditioning monitoring approaches.

With the AMPIUS® app, the product signature of a hose system can be read out automatically and technical data, for example, but also "life cycle data" such as production or shipping dates can be queried. A request for quotation can also be made at the touch of a button. 

In the future, it will also be possible to call up information on wear, abrasion, temperature and flow rate, for example, when products are equipped with the appropriate features.

Initially, digitalization will be implemented as standard for Masterflex spiral hoses. In principle, networkable and smart variants and options can be realized for all hoses. Digitization can also be implemented within the scope of engineering projects according to customer-specific requirements. 

The AMPIUS®-App is available as a download in the common App-Stores. 

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